Parents often ask how they can prepare their child for a testing or evaluation appointment. While each child is different and there are many different reasons for an evaluation, there are a few general guidelines that can be helpful.



Try to ensure that your child is well rested and fed prior to the appointment.  If your child is ill, please talk to your provider to discuss whether to reschedule. Leave plenty of time to allow for traffic and parking to avoid your child feeling rushed on arrival.

For younger children, you might explain that they are going to be doing some “learning” activities.  Steer away from promises of “games.”

With older children who have a greater understanding as to the purpose of the evaluation, explain that they will be working with someone to help understand how they think and learn in order to make good decisions about a school placement or support them in becoming the best learner they can be.

We are experienced in working with children with a wide range of temperaments and needs.  We emphasize putting your child at ease and making the experience as positive as possible.

Please bring in copies (not originals) of prior evaluations, report cards, tutoring reports, and school-wide standardized testing.

The decision as to whether to remain in the waiting room during the evaluation depends on your child’s age, developmental level, temperament, and the comfort level of you and your child. Please feel free to discuss the specifics of this further with your provider.